afondevilla [at] laposte [dot] net

Hi, I am Amélie Fondevilla. I do research in Computer Graphics.

Currently, I am a post-doc at IRIT (Toulouse, France), in the STORM team, with David Vanderhaeghe . We work on a project called Structures, which aims at helping artists to animate virtual paintings.

Before that, I obtained my PhD from Université Grenoble Alpes, which was supervised by Stefanie Hahmmann, and Damien Rohmer. In my PhD thesis, I developed algorithms to create a 3D geometric model out of a single 2D sketch or photo of garments and sewed object. My research interests cover differential geometry, 2D animation and expressive rendering. I am also keen on painting, drawing, and many forms of plastic arts.

Find my C.V. here